August 9, 2010

Notes from Vacation

This past week/weekend Jeremy and I were able to escape the real world for a few days and enjoy the great city of Nashville, Tennessee. Here's what I took away from the trip.

1. There is no prettier drive than the one through Chattanooga.

2. There is a lake in Chattanooga.

3. I want a house on that lake.

4. I need to become a millionaire.

5. If I won the lottery, I wouldn't tell anyone. I would furnish our house AND buy that lake house... furnished.

6. People are really, really nice in Franklin, Tennessee. I mean, let me tell you my life story nice.

7. Driver's in Tennessee abide by the speed limit. (I don't understand this one.)

8. Traveling with a dog is really hard.

9. I can't imagine doing it with a baby.

10. I think people will need to just come to us until Bradley's old enough to walk on his own... or drive... until then we will be at our house.

11. Parker attracts attention wherever he goes.

12. If not, he will whine until he gets that attention.

13. Then, he will soak it all up and get a really big head.

14. He will also sleep as much as he can. This makes him a really boring travel companion.

15. I will also sleep as much as I can. This makes me almost as boring.

16. My cell phone can apparently be turned to silent without me knowing.

17. If enough time passes, Jeremy's anger at me for not answering my phone and him having to walk a mile and a half to the hotel in the rain will subside (look for upcoming post)

18. One day I will hear Steven Clawson on the radio. I'm convinced. So is Jeremy. And Parker.

19. Bradley really liked him too. He kicked the entire time he played.

20. You should trust him. He knows a lot about music. 

21. I am not allowed to sing karaoke in Nashville.. per Jeremy.

22. I've always wanted to sing karaoke.

23. Friends bring much joy.

24. Tax free weekend? Yes, please.

25. Tiffany & Co. made me smile.

26. The saleswoman there had 6 kids.

27. I may have told her she was amazing to go through pregnancy that many times.

28. She also may have given me her e-mail address.

29. And she might have an e-mail waiting on her.

30. Jeremy doesn't know.

31. Well, until now.

32. The Pancake Pantry changed my life with their french toast and hash brown mound of goodness.

33. I think I ate enough for 5.

34. Weddings are wonderful.

35. Dancing at weddings when five and a half months pregnant is a no go. (Sorry babe.)

36. Hardee's does not know how to put lids on their coffee.

37. Pouring hot coffee all over yourself makes your husband freeze and forget how to unlock the car door, park, or do anything other than stare at you making you say horrible things that you would never say any other time... or knew you knew how to say...

38. This causes your dog to whimper.

39. And you to cry.

40. Jeremy's driving is preparing me for labor. Deep breaths through the nose and out the mouth...

41. Vacation ended too soon.

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Lana said...

hahaha...that was awesome! People in TN do drive the speed limit. Danny didn't know what to do with that the first time we went home to TN. And I completely forgot about Steven Clawson!! He's totally going to be on the radio one day! HUGS!