September 15, 2010

Doctor, Doctor

I made it! I am officially in my third trimester...alive! Woohoo!

To kick it off in the right direction, Jeremy and I met with our pediatrician yesterday. The office was everything you imagine a pediatricians to be: tiny furniture, colorful, cool shaped lollipops (yes, I resisted taking one), and just the nicest staff. We felt loved and at home immediately. And then we met with the doctor.

Within 5 minutes, we weren't sure whether he thought we were insane or just the coolest, most laidback parents ever. He asked us all the basic questions: due date, sex, good or bad pregnancy, whether or not I was breastfeeding, insurance, etc. You know, easy stuff.

Then, he just had to ask more.

He asked what all I was reading. I laughed nervously and explained that we weren't reading anything. We figured people have done it for years and we'd ask them if we had questions. Plus, I might have a nervous breakdown if I happened to read the wrong thing. The doctor smiled and nodded.

He went on to ask if we had a dog. Jeremy had to stop me from going on and on about Parker's preciousness and how he was going to be the best big brother, which he will be.

He asked us if we had researched shots. I again laughed nervously and said no, but that I received them and turned out fine so why not. Jeremy told him that the only one he questioned was the flu shot.

When I didn't think we could look anymore unprepared for parenting and life in general... I mean, appear anymore chill and in control... he asked if we had any questions for him. Oh, me oh my. I hadn't even thought that I would need to ask him questions. I was just following what all my friends had done! They had all met with the pediatrician before giving birth and so were we! So after yet another nervous laugh, I said that we didn't but was sure we would once Bradley came forth. He then told me about their 24/hr phone service for all those questions. Whew! So if my mom learns to turn off her phone come December 2, I now can be confident knowing that I have a backup plan.

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Jessica.5 said...

I have a feeling once Bradley arrives, your mom will NEVER turn her phone off! So no worries there. Glad you guys are doing well! Happy 3rd trimester :)