September 22, 2010

For the love... of a dog

Parker knows change is coming.

He senses it.

While Jeremy encourages me along throughout this pregnancy, my baby boy sympathizes with it.

It all started when I was getting sick 24/7. Almost every other day, Parker would join me by throwing up himself. Of course, I would follow that up with throwing up again, only to prove that I am alpha.

Then came the constipation. We would seriously go a week without a "doo doo". {Yes, we command our dog to use the restroom and reward it with a "t-r-e-a-t". Heck, at that point in my pregnancy, I rewarded myself for going #2!}

Naps quickly became a staple for us.

And after we both began to eat again, we started to gain weight... together. Our little Parker quickly began to turn into a Porker courtesy of sympathy pains, increased human food consumption, and an increased amount of dog food.

{On a side note, this was actually a great thing because the vet said he needed to gain weight. Of course, our precious angel is the pickiest eater in the entire universe of dogs and so it took some creativity to make it happen, but all in all it worked and he actually wears the weight adorably. Although, it has given him a big dog complex...}

When I started to get hot flashes, Parker began to experience them as well. Or perhaps he just likes the feel of the wind blowing in through his hair. I'm not really sure...

Leg cramps and toe cramps always brought about lots of kisses from my baby. He would run to me immediately wanting to make it all go away. I tell you, he's an angel.

The most interesting part, though, has been the change in Parker's personality. He's gone from Mr. Independent to Mr. Snuggles in just the past month. He can't seem to get close enough to Jeremy or I. It's really too cute. All he wants is our love and attention.

For instance, the other night he woke me up because he heard a strange noise. Of course, I then woke Jeremy up who responded with a "Why did you wake me up?" and a "Heck no, I'm not going to go check it out." {No worries. He did. We were fine.} But as a reward for being such a brave little dog, I immediately moved Parker to our bed. The entire night he laid right beside me... in my arms. Totally out of character for him. Usually, he wants to be at the foot of the bed and sighs at me for even wanting him near my arms.

Yes, Parker knows that as my tummy grows, we are getting closer and closer to big changes.

So imagine my freak out moment when Mr. Snuggles all of a sudden disappeared into thin air!

Here's where I'm just going to be honest with you. It did take me a while to realize his absence. I promise I am an excellent Mom, but I was watching Rachel Zoe and well, I die. But the minute I realized Parker wasn't beside me I jumped up to see where he was.

I checked his favorite places first:

 By the door

In the kitchen

The dining room... My pace began getting quicker and quicker...

Our bedroom... Our bathroom

No Parker. I remembered earlier in the night he slipped through Jeremy's legs and ran outside, but I thought we got him back in. But maybe he went outside again.

I looked everywhere, under everything, in everything... I was a mess. So I called to Jeremy for reinforcement.

And that's when we found him. Under our bed, on top of my Vera Bradley bag, asleep. I mean, we always knew Parker had his quirks, but this took it to a whole new level.

 Now, when he's not on us, we know he's on top of Vera sleeping. And if he's on top of Vera, he does not want to be disturbed. He can be called, dragged, promised rewards, and nothing will get him off. As a dog mom expecting a child, I wonder if I should be concerned by this latest behavior.

Then again, maybe I need my own personal hiding place come December. Think Parker will share??


Kerinsa said...

laughed out loud...again! seriously, you're an incredible writer. :)

Melissa Dark said...

CUTE! Parksy is going into baby mode :)