September 23, 2010

Nursey Update: The Paint Job

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I'll never forget the moment.

"Jeremy, we need to paint the baby's room soon!"


"Do you know how to paint indoors?"

"Yeah, it's easy. You just paint up and down."

"Baby, there's a method. I think it's a W."

"I've never heard of that."

"I'm calling my dad immediately."

Yes, I quickly came to realize that as new homeowners, Jeremy and I have little to no experience with anything having to do with home improvements.

And that's where my dad stepped in to save the day.

Now, the minute I asked my dad to come and he agreed, I put the whole thing behind me. I was cool and relaxed. My dad was going to take care of it.

Then, I get this e-mail... 4 days before his arrival:

Hi Sweet Pea,

Your Momma, Rebekah, and I are excited about coming up and seeing you and Jeremy this weekend. We are going to have fun! I can't wait to see your Momma with a paint brush in her hand. Lol. So being an event planner extraordinaire as you are, do you have everything together such as paints, brushes, rollers, trays, plastic sheets, ladder, tape and such? What do I need to bring? I have been playing scenarios in my head figuring out the best method to efficiently paint Bradley's room with all the helpers we will have. I thought if you all had a game plan in mind, we could review it before hand. Just thinking ahead. :-))

Love you,


Apparently, he did not know that my to do list was in the middle of growing legs and arms. Nor did he realize that I have no experience with painting. Which he should because as a kid there were a couple of things off limits to me: mowing the grass and painting. Now, picking up sticks he thought I did exceptionally well. But the others were forbidden.

So I replied:

Hi Dad:

We are excited too!! We really appreciate you all coming to help. You have no idea. I mean, really.

As for supplies and a game plan, yeah... we really don't have either. We went and got a sample of the light blue. It's sitting in our laundry room waiting for Jeremy to put on the wall so that I can look at it. And the dark blue... well... Jeremy still has to pick up a sample. He said he's going by today. I told him it was a must. Especially since his wisdom teeth are coming out on THURSDAY. hahahaha. This could be disastrous.

Jeremy said we'd pick up all the supplies this week. But honestly he nor I have clue what to get, how much to get, or anything about painting inside. So if you could guide us, we'll have everything here upon your arrival! (For instance, do we need a primer?? What is a primer??)

Also, when are you coming? Friday night or Saturday morning?

Love you,

And that's when I got a reply e-mail that is way to long to post here. I mean, it was a book. It was overwhelming. I may have cried. Jeremy was to have his wisdom teeth out in 2 days. And so I was going to have to take care of all the paint items. And like I said... I know nothing...

So after I wiped my eyes and expressed my utter concern to Jeremy, we pushed forward. I immediately made a list of all supplies needed (b/c that's what I do best... make lists). Jeremy took off a day from work to do all the shopping and put the samples on the wall for me to review... and then we said a prayer that his wisdom teeth removal would go well and he'd be able to paint.

And when my dad, mom, and sister arrived, the room was taped, supplies laid out, and paint bought! I couldn't believe it. We were ready to go.

Now, obviously in the state I am in, I was unable to participate in the festivities. So in between all this crazy "I have to buy what?!" mess, my mom and I decided that we should go shopping instead. So me, her, and my sister (after she finished painting her 2x2 square ;-)) went out on the town and let the men folk do their thing.

Here's the before:

The room was a light pink. Perfect for a little girl. We are having a boy. So painting was a must. Although I think real men can sleep in a pink room.

Another before. The room is tiny. Which is perfect for a boy. He doesn't need the space. Plus, he's right next door to the Man Cave. So technically, he has two rooms. I have all the other 10. They are mine. Stay away stinky boys. Unless you are invited. Then, you can come... but you must leave and return to your two rooms.

The men hard at work. It really only took them half a day to paint the room. They were quick. And it looks so good!! Want to see??

My favorite part: the accent wall!! It's navy blue.

It's hard to see in the picture. It looks really great.

The painters. Rebekah insisted she be a part of the picture. She did paint (one line)... Oh, and she removed one piece of tape.... Let's just say, she's become an only child and it has gone to her head.

Either way, thank you so much for coming and helping us out! It was tremendous!

P.S. We'll let you know when we are ready for the next room. ;-)

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Melissa Dark said...

Looks great! You are a painting expert now!