September 29, 2010

Nursery Update: What's in your mood?

Please see the previous posts: My Domino Self and The Paint Job for all the beginnings.

Ah! The mood board. I have been waiting MONTHS to share this with you. I am so exciting. Since starting the decorating process, this is how mine and Jeremy's conversations have gone:

"Do you like this?"
"It's a little girly, don't you think?"
"Naw, I don't think it is. Do you?"
"How much is it?"
"Yes, it's definitely girly then. Just think, if you really like it than 95% of the time it is going to be girly."
"But I think it could go either way. I mean, Bradley is going to be stylish."
"I like this instead."
"What?! That's completely ugly. Bradley is not going to have an ugly room."
"Well, let's just think about it a little longer."
"I think I'm going to get it."
"Ok. But let's try to make this a boy's room...within our budget."

Throughout the process, Jeremy has been Mr. Doubter of my style sense, but I think I proved him wrong. Actually, I'd be bold enough to say that he's a bit impressed with my mad skills in the decor department. At one point, he even commented how glad he was that I follow so many blogs for ideas. I smiled and gave him a huge kiss. It was the kindest compliment he'd ever given me.

So without further ado!

Here is the mood board:

There's no "theme" per say, but we have two hippos, a sailboat mobile, and two sailboats on display in honor of Jeremy's love for them. I can't wait until you see the finished product.You'll go bananas for sure. 

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