October 2, 2010

Happy Birthday, Jeremy!

I met him 12 years ago. He was my friend's older brother, with a shag, and a car. He would drive me to and from school and my dad would pay him gas money. He was cool and super cute, but I knew him dating me was a long shot.

Throughout high school, he dated all my friends. I just stood on the sidelines. He was different than the other guys. He was funny and nice. I knew he had potential for greatness.

Somewhere in between when we first met and my senior year, he proposed.

He was just learning how to play guitar and there was a song I loved. He asked me what he would get if he learned it. I laughed and asked what he wanted. He said he wanted me to marry him. I said sure, why not. A week later, He played me the song. I told him to give me a few more years before we married.

In college, we had our ups and downs. He wanted to be a boy. I wanted a commitment. But our connection remained through it all.

My favorite part during that time was watching the Lord work in his life. It was really cool watching him grow in his faith and really begin to have a heart for those around him. I was honored to be a part of his journey and knew that I never wanted my part in that journey to end.

Two years after I graduated college, he proposed, again, and we began to plan our lives together. He was and is everything I ever wanted in a husband.

For the past three years, I have been the luckiest girl in the world. Each night I get to come home to him and every morning I get to wake up beside him. He encourages me, supports me, and loves me unconditionally. I couldn't ask for anymore.

So on this 28th birthday, I want to thank you, Jeremy.  Thank you for all you have done and continue do for our family. I am so blessed by you each day. Bradley is one fortunate boy to have you as an example of what it means to walk as a man of God. I can't wait to walk beside you and grow with you as we start this next journey.

I love you. Phil. 1:3

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Jess.5 said...

As one of those friends he dated in high school, I have to say that I am so happy for the two of you and looking back, it's completely obvious that you two were made for each other!
You're going to be such awesome parents to baby Bradley!

Love you Jess.5 :)