October 4, 2010

Good-bye Heels

I love shoes.

Like these:

And these:

Ooo.. and these:

I d.i.e. Seriously.

Before Jeremy and I said I do, I would celebrate each paycheck by buying a new pair of shoes. It was a gift for working so hard. Jeremy took that gift away. Now, I have to convince him each season why I need one new pair. 4 new pairs a year. It should be a crime to limit the expression of my individuality in such a way.

Anyways. That's not what this post is about. This post is about how my love for shoes has been forced to be tweaked. 

You see, I love HIGH heels. The higher the better. I love that they show off my calf. I love how they look with long pants, skirts, and dresses. I love being taller than Jeremy. I love how great they make me feel... like a natural woman...  yes, I went there... I love, love, love high heels.

So it was only characteristic of me to announce the moment I got pregnant that I was going to be proof that pregnant women could wear high heels until the bitter end. I was going to be stylish, chic, and with the highest of heels. Watch out world.

I have big dreams, internet.

Then those dreams came crashing down with a little dysfunction called SPD. Don't look it up. You'll be frightened by all the internet says. Rather let me give it to you straight. The hormone relaxin in my body has shifted my pubic bone in a way that is unnatural. This causes me great pain... in high heels. That's all you need to know. Pregnancy will be normal. No other side effects. I just can't wear high heels.

Did you get that?? No, high heels! Oh, the humanity!!

But, of course, this would happen to me. Why not? I've only suffered a little the past 7 months. Obviously, I need more opportunities for growth.

So like with most things these days, I cried about it.

Then, I tried to force the high heels upon my pubic bone. Bad idea! It fought back with a vengeance.

So Jeremy took me shopping for some flats. FLATS!

I was mortified by the thought. I told him so only about a million times. But the minute we walked into the shoe store I was taken over. A lot of people must be wearing flats these days. They are everywhere! Not only that, but they are actually super cute!

My husband was so kind to let me buy two pairs.. in the same season. A black and brown pair. And they are super cute.


And these:

I also bought a pair of TOMS to wear when I really want to be comfy in my flats... this was a separate trip that Jeremy found out about afterward... we survived only because of Bradley and his need to have a comfortable mother.

So all in all, I guess it's okay that I can't wear my high heels. I mean, now I'm short, with what appear to be cankles... but I'm not in pain like I was. And I beat my record for new shoes bought in a year with a husband attached. That alone is something to celebrate!


Andrea said...

Beware...some of those hormones that are causing your bones to shift may also cause your feet to grow..... thus, causing you to have to buy more shoes ;)

my feet were size 7 before children and have gone up 1/2 size with each child.... incentive to stop having children? yes!

now wearing size 8,

Momma Darleen said...

Jeremy and I must talk about this shoe issue. As you know, I am the queen of shoes. We will have a class...for him.

Jennifer said...

I was there for the buying of the flats! And I got a pair myself! I think you will learn to really love them-they're so comfy :)