October 6, 2010

A Vending Machine, The Military, and Me

Last week, Wednesday to be exact, a problem arose at our office.

The vending machine disappeared! It was without notice, without warning, and without a back-up plan. It was also not cool. And action had to be taken. Now for context you should know that there had been talk of getting rid of the machine all together. It was a poor sight. Stale, melting, expired, sparse, random are just a few of the words people used to describe that machine. But it was loyally there... until Wednesday that is...

As a pregnant woman, the vending machine is practically my best friend (Sorry, Jeremy... I figure chocolate has calcium and peanuts have protein... It's really healthy. Plus, your son loves both.) and so action had to be taken.

*Names have been changed to protect the innocent.


Hi Sam:

I just went to the breakroom and discovered that our snack machine has gone missing! Now, for any normal human being this probably is not a big deal. The snacks were old and white. Some were placed oddly within itself so no one could obtain it. I understand in a normal sense. But you see… I am far past normal. I am almost 7 months pregnant. I rely on that snack machine for those cravings that hit in an instance. I have no control over when or how it will happen. All I know, is that my security in those moments has left the building. And I wonder—is this for forever? Will it return? And what am I, a not sane person, supposed to do?!

Greatly appreciative of all you do,




We are in process of changing vendors.Our new machines will arrive Friday morning.


Take care,


Thanks, Sam, for the update! Although, I must say I was hoping for more of an interaction. I thought it would be an entertaining blog entry ;-)


Good Morning Tessica,

I really apologize for the inconvenience. You know that I spent over 22 years in military as a result I was always trained to be brief.



Sam even made a personal visit to me.. I mean, Tessica.... further explaining that his training taught him to take action and then disengage immediately. To which I smiled and said that's funny. My training taught me to react and then hang on for dear life. I mean, I am a blogger who needs material... a lot of it. And I saw great potential in this vending machine scenario. Potential that needed to be brought forth. Plus, who doesn't like a little banter at the office.

Well, needless to say a new vending machine appeared on Friday and it was beautiful, full, fresh, cheaper... everything one dreams about in such a machine... especially a pregnant woman.

Thank you, Sam!

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Wendy said...

I wish you had asked Kevin, um, I mean, Sam, why vending machine stockers put all the soft stuff (gum, Honey Buns, Skittles, etc.) near the bottom, and chips and crackers near the top. You know what happens to Cheez'n Peanut Butter Crackers when they hit the vending machine floor from that height, going 173 mph?? And while you're at it, ask him how come snack people refuse to spell "cheese" properly. Thank you ever so much.