November 3, 2010

It's a crazy dream world

Ah.. the side effects of pregnancy just keep coming! One's just got to love it all.

The latest has been crazy dreams.

Before I go any further I must say that this one I blame completely on my good friend Annette. She is the kindest person you will ever meet. So calm, supportive, and positive. Spending time with her is like Christmas morning. Seriously. I love it. I need it. I envy it.

Anyways, one day we were talking about pregnancy (Annette has three beautiful kids) and she happened to ask me if I have had any weird dreams, because she remembered having the craziest dreams during each of her pregnancies.

Well, up until that point I had not had any. I was honestly a little relieved. I mean, one more symptom to add to my list of ever growing reasons why Bradley will remain indebted to me for forever is not something I really want to do.

But wouldn't you know that that night the crazy showed up in my dreams?? Seriously. Within 24 hours of our conversation, I start having the wildest dreams.

In the first one, Bradley was crying to be fed. There were a ton of people around and apparently in dream world, I am bold and will expose my breasts to anyone, so I picked him up, lifted up my shirt, and started to feed him. But when I looked down at him to help him latch, it was Parker not Bradley. Parker proceeded to lick my boob a couple of times and then bite it. I woke up.

In Dream #2, I am at Belk pregnant... hugely pregnant. The sales clerk tells me that they are looking for models for their latest catalog and asks if I would like to participate. "Of course!" I say. She points me to the back warehouse area and says I need to show up there no later than 3 p.m. Which I do. Except when I show up the photo shoot is over. It had gotten moved to 1 p.m. and no one had contacted me.... probably because I was hugely pregnant. Anyways. I decided to hang out and watch them finish the last shot of the day. As I'm standing there the photographer yells, "Hey! Let's get a picture of everyone from today's shoot." I don't join in, but stand off to the side. The photographer notices and says, "It's no big deal; you should still join in." I hesitate. Then, without further ado, Mario Lopez comes over, grabs my hand and sits me on the step below him. He then proceeds to rub my belly... like I am budda. I wake up.

Then comes Dream #3. Jeremy said that this one I need to forget completely. He says I don't need to pay attention to it. But this one I'm hoping is a good sign of things to come. It started with me in a bathtub. I'm complete relaxed. Then, my doctor comes in and says, "Jessica, you need to get out of there now. It's time to give birth." I slowly get out of the tub and start to walk towards the bed, but then Bradley drops. I feel it. He drops hard. I tell the doctor who responds it's ok. I just need to get in the bed. I say I can't. He's coming. Then, within seconds, out slides Baby Bradley without me feeling any pain. He's completely clean. No mess. The only odd part of the dream is that he has more rolls than the Michelin Man and a really, really tiny head. Jeremy says that wasn't the only odd part, but I choose to ignore him. What does he know??


JessicaWylie said...

I had multiple crazy dreams last night! Including one where I was floating through the air trying to get panthers out of our church. Like actual panthers from the jungle. It was completely insane!

Kristen said...

I have been having lots of crazy dreams...only mine are more scary-crazy and not so much funny/weird-crazy. I love yours...very entertaining. And I love the description of on :)

Ashley Family said...

that has got to be the highest compliment i have ever recieved! I would have have to say spending time with you is like going to your favorite much fun- laughing a lot, thinking some and just enjoying life!
thankful for You!