November 16, 2010

One Forgetful Weekend

This past weekend was rough. Not only did I have to experience my last day at a job I love... No worries my new one is going to be super great too. It has already involved afternoon naps!... But my brain seemed to leave my body.

It started on Friday after work. I went to Target to buy a couple of things. And, of course, as with any Target trip what should be quick ends up being 3 hours and what should be 2 things ends up being a buggy full. Ah. How I love Target!

Well, I was planning on going to get lunch after my "quick" trip to Target. So by the time I left my now 3 hour trip, I was starving. So much so that I went out of my way to get exactly what I wanted: Wendy's. I ordered a Jr. Hamburger, a Sour Cream and Chive Baked Potato, and a Reese's Twisted Frosty. The perfect meal for my last day of working outside the home. Then, I drove up to the window, reached into my purse to pull out my wallet, and felt nothing... I got out of the car. Looked in the trunk. Nothing. My wallet was gone. I had used it last at Target and knew that I must have left it at the register. I was so upset and mad. I was upset that I would just walk away from my wallet without thinking and mad that the cashier didn't catch up to me and give it to me when she noticed it was gone. I mean, I don't move very fast these days. It's not like I ran out. Soo... I had to leave Wendy's, leave my food, and go all the way back to Target to get my wallet... while starving. The worst part was that when I got it all I wanted was to go home. So I did where I ate a frozen dinner. NOT a great last day of work meal.

Then, came Sunday. Jeremy had to leave before me. He always locks up and sets the alarm before he leaves. So after I got ready I turned off the alarm, unlocked the door, and walked Parker. Then, I came inside, put Parker in the crate, grabbed my purse and walked to the door. Now, my keys hang from a hook near the door. I went to grab them only they weren't there. So I went to my next spot: our dresser. It was a disaster so I had to make more of a mess to look. No keys. I went to the living room; no keys. I went to the kitchen. No keys. Then I remembered that Jeremy used  them last when he drove my car the day before. So I called him. No answer. That's when I just happened to look at the back door... where my keys were hanging from the lock from when I walked Parker 10 minutes prior.

Later that day, Jeremy and I were leaving for home group. We got all the stuff together that we needed to take with us and put it on the kitchen counter, walked Parker, set the alarm, and then left. The minute we walked out of the house I realized we had left the garage opener inside so I gave Jeremy a look. He laughed, went inside, and grabbed the food off the counter. Yup, the food never, ever crossed my mind and the only reason the garage opener did was because we had an immediate need for it. Thank goodness for Jeremy.

Then, after home group Jeremy and I went to Publix to get our groceries for the week. We didn't need many.. maybe 10 items... so it was a quick trip. We drove straight from Publix to our house. It's a 10 minute drive maybe. I pulled us into the garage, got out, locked the door and proceeded to shut the garage door. Jeremy started laughing and asked me if I forgot anything. I said, "no." And he said, "We just went to the grocery store." Yes, in that 10 minute drive, I forgot all about that trip. I'm so glad Jeremy was there. Can you imagine if I went the next day and got into the car with spoiled milk?!

Today, my pregnancy app told me that pregnant women's brains actually shrink during pregnancy. I hope mine doesn't shrink anymore or may forget who I am or worst!

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