December 30, 2010

Jeremy's Obsession

A couple of months ago, Jeremy and I had an unwanted house guest.

At first, it was just a noise behind a wall.

An annoying noise that would not stop.

Then, the vermin decided to come inside.

And attack Parker's food.

And his mat.

The beast made his attack personal.

And we declared war.

Jeremy closed up holes, put out three different kind of traps, and went on a hunt for the guest.

Then. he decided to aim bigger.

He wanted to protect the home front from all future rodents.

He set his eye on the squirrels in our backyard.

Now before I go on you should know that squirrels in our city are insane. When in college, one actually jumped out at me from a trash can and started to chase me- true story. So I'm not a big fan. However, Jeremy's obsession with the destruction of these creatures even makes me want to send SOS signals every time he sets out for one.

You see, we now have an air rifle that resembles a sniper rifle sitting right beside our backdoor. Anytime Jeremy passes and even thinks he eyes a squirrel, he's out ready to shoot.

The irony, however, is that Parker has come closer to actually killing a squirrel than he has. The first week he had the rifle the squirrels seemed to have mysteriously disappeared which obviously cracked me up.

Then, whenever I'd see him out there, I would casually walk to the door and begin making really loud noise so that all squirrels would run. You know, making it more of a challenge for Jeremy.

But the best part came this past week. I happened to walk past the backdoor and notice that there were not just one squirrel in our yard, but two.

I quickly went and grabbed my camera. And you know what? The squirrels didn't move. So for approximately 10 minutes I snapped a TON of pictures of these two creatures who seemed satisfied just hanging out in our yard.

I do realize that I could have told Jeremy so that he could have his fun. I probably could have gotten his gun all ready for him. Heck, I may have even been able to attack them myself.

But what fun would that have been? Torturing him this way is so worth it.

So what do you think of my shooting, sweetheart??

And before you start feeling all sorry for Jeremy and begin defending him or something silly. Remember, I'm the one getting approximately 4 hours of sleep each night due to the feeding and soothing of his child.

I have to create my own fun these days.

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Jennifer said...

Jessica this is so true! Just this morning when we were walking Parker he freaks out when seeing a squirrel and rushed to get his gun. I was asked to keep a sharp eye on the intruder. By the time Jeremy returned the squirrel was three trees over in the neighbor's yard! Parker did a great job but I have to say, the squirrel out witted your husband...again :)