January 3, 2011

Merry New Year!

Whew! What a 2010! I don't know about you, but our year has been filled with excitement, new beginnings, and just plain craziness. From buying our first home to learning we were pregnant to actually birthing the child to surviving a newborn during the holidays. Let's just say we welcome 2011 with open arms.

In 2010, I decided to do something I never do: have Resolutions. Well, I'll honestly say that I think I successfully achieved two out of the four. The other two... well, I got pregnant and running a 5k or cooking in a hot kitchen while gagging just didn't seem to fit in. Sorry. I've moved on. You should too.

So in 2011, I decided to aim a little lower. Something basic. But something important. So, Ladies and Gentlemen, without further ado, my 2011 resolution is to make it to the end of 2011.

Now, I know what you are probably thinking... "Wow, how depressing." "Is everything ok?" And I will answer you with a simple yes. We are wonderful. We couldn't be happier.

But having a child under the age of 1 is stressful.

I believe I've already made three calls to our pediatrician in a panic thinking that Bradley contracted some foreign disease. I've broken out in hives to which Superman (this is what I call my family doctor) told me was probably stress related. Umm... ok? AND I make Jeremy remind me about once a day that as long as Bradley is sleeping, pooping, peeing, and eating, I am doing my job wonderfully.... yes, wonderfully.

I think the hardest part for me is how reliant this little man is on me. And by reliant I am referring to the fact that I am his sole source of food. That is a lot of pressure with something that I have very little control over!

I will say that I have been very fortunate in this area. For Bradley and I, the actual act has come natural.  I quickly realized that men are slave to the boob from a very early age. I also think that I could feed a small village with my supply. I even decided to create a light mood for us by singing songs to the little man right before feeding time. You know songs like, "Are you ready for this? Dun Dun Dun.." and "I'm coming out..." and many more that I won't torture with.  But still. When people tell you one thing like how long he should be eating for and you and baby aren't doing exactly that, you begin to freak. You begin to worry about weight and spit ups and things that never even cross your mind when you yourself are eating.

And so you call the doctor... repeatedly. Or cry at the doctor's office when you realize your baby has gained weight instead of losing it and that all else looks great.

It is also at that time that you make your 2011 Resolution to make it to the end. Because solid foods are going to provide this Mom a lot of comfort.


Jamie said...

I think that's a great resolution! One that I will adopt myself!

I absolutely DREAD hearing everyone tell me what I'm not doing right when it comes to Baby Dickson. As a matter of fact, you've inspired my next blog post. Be on the look out!

The Almeidas said...

"Slave to the boob"... Bahahah! :)

Jessica Wylie said...

I liked the "slave to the boob" comment too! Glad things are going well. I'm resolving to make it to the end of 2011 too. A big goal considering I'll be birthing my child this year (mix of excitement & major anxiety!)