December 18, 2010

My First Week as a Mom

Day 1
Bradley is perfectly wonderful; family is insane.

Bradley looks exactly like Jeremy which is just wonderful since I am the one who carried him for 10 months. I am the one who spent six of those months with my head in a toilet. And I am the one who birthed him.

Day 2
Going home. Jeremy and I's first thought as we were leaving the hospital parking deck, "The sun!"

Our second thought was, "Oh my. We are now parents with no nursing staff."

Day 3
I've got this. Smelling like baby really is wonderful. Sleep is second to feeding. Pain medicine is my best friend. Pediatrician says that all of Bradley's weird noises are normal and he looks great... which more than likely had to do in part to his awesome outfit.

Day 4
Only my mom remains. The house is peaceful and we're getting into a routine. We also conclude that Bradley has my hair color. His nickname? Little man.

Day 5
Jeremy informs me that Bradley also has my hands which if you knew him and saw my hands it's not really a compliment. Jeremy, however, can pretty much get by with anything these days. He's a wonderful husband and father and a super skilled swaddler.

Day 6
I wash my face and Jeremy exclaims, "Wow, you look tired!" On a happy note, my make-up works wonders.

Day 7
Take Bradley to the pediatrician's office where we find out he's gained 10 oz. and that all still looks great. I immediately burst into tears. A little later a nurse asked me if this were my first child. Yup, I made that obvious. I now think I might buy some waterproof mascara. I also discover that baked potatoes without a child in my belly are not good. It's a depressing moment for me.

My mom was amazing all week. She cooked, did laundry, helped clean up poo, and did so much more to support Jeremy and I during this first week. It was wonderful.

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