January 19, 2011

My recent purchases

I can honestly say that along with Month 2 in the Land of Motherhood came the loss of all the adrenaline that kept me going during the first month. I am officially exhausted. The lack of a full 8 hours of sleep each night is starting to weigh on me, as well as the constant need to be available to my son. So how do I cope?

Well, I made two great purchases this past week.

One was Maybelline's cover stick to hide the circles under my eyes that are getting larger and larger each day.

One should note that when one's face is washed at night a certain husband may comment, "Wow. You look tired!" This of course makes you want to say horrible things to this man who can sleep through anything. This list includes a whimpering baby, a crying baby, a screaming baby, a baby who is kicking him in the face, and all movement associated with a wife who gets in and out of the bed multiple times during the night. Yes, he gets his eight hours of sleep and still has the nerve to tell me, "I'm tired too." But no worries- there's no resentment there.

My second purchase was a 24-pack of Diet Pepsi. 24-pack because it was on sale. Diet Pepsi because we wanted something other than Coke Zero or Diet Dr. Pepper.

This purchase was obviously to help keep me awake. To give me that energy burst necessary to function during the early morning.

Yet, not much has changed since the days when Bradley was in my belly. He still likes to torture me. The thought of me suffering makes him smile and sometimes even laugh.

Case in point: Bradley loves to poop on me. He smiles and laughs each and every time. You see, he waits for the exact moment his diaper comes off to go into action. I'm helpless. And he knows it.

Well, my little man's philosophy of tormenting me just went to another level. One that directly effects my second great purchase.

Apparently, while we survived on caffeine for the ten months he was in me now that he's out in the world, it does not sit well on his little stomach.

So I have two options: 1. cut out the caffeine or 2. have Bradley scream at my boob everytime he eats. And I'll just be frank with you a child who screams at your boobs really doesn't do much for self-esteem.

And so I officially said good-bye to caffeine yesterday. No more cokes, coffee, or chocolate... for one year. I can't even imagine. The worst part is that I seriously thought surviving this year was the easiest New Year's Resolution yet. However, without caffeine to keep me going strong it seems like an eternity away- an extremely tired eternity away.


Robert said...

wow. have you started sleep training with him yet? that will really help. kathryn was sleeping 8 hours a night by 6 weeks and 12 hours a night by 10. if you havent read it already look up "12 hours sleep by 12 weeks old" it will change your life. as for dropping the caffeine...

Lauren said...

Well, some good news is that you may not have to cut out caffeine for the whole year. I think it kept Paisley awake a little for a season, but I gradually added back chocolate, coke, etc. and she did fine!
Hang in there girl- the months will fly by!