January 12, 2011

Of course

We had a BIG night last week.

For the first time Bradley slept through the night! You would think that we'd be over the moon about this. And had I been able to join him in his exciting night we may have just organized a parade the following day.

However, while my sweet boy was asleep all snug in his bassinet, I was wide awake.


Two words: Flu shot.

I blame my dad. It's much easier for me to cope with my sudden lapse of judgment when I do.

You see, normally my dad is a great guy. He has guided my family pretty well over the years. Words such as saint, smart, hard-worker, family man have been used to describe him. Even the local news stations want to get him on camera.

But this last week, my dad caused me to go against my better judgment.

All because he got the flu. 

And with a newborn and people visiting, I got freaked by this fact. It was too close to home. So while I've never been a big fan of the shot. I bravely went alone and got mine.

I completely ignored all my previous reasoning about how the shot is questionable by nature since the shot is only good against certain strains of the virus and the strains are decided through a guessing game. Real accurate, right?

And I ignored my knowledge of how I don't take medicine well and am currently quite exhausted and so have a less than strong immune system.

Yes, I let my dad being sick get to me. And that night... the first night Bradley slept without waking once... I paid for it.

The minute my head hit the pillow my body started to ache. I couldn't get comfortable. Then, the chills started. No matter how many covers I put on me, I was still shivering. I thought about getting in a hot shower, but the thought of getting out of that shower was too unpleasant. I thought about drinking hot water, but that would have required me to walk and I was so achey I couldn't move.

So I was stuck... In bed.... Watching Bradley sleep.

At 2:30 a.m. Jeremy woke up to me crying rather than Bradley. I think he thought he had entered the Twilight Zone. But no... I was just having a reaction to the shot. What luck, right?

Well, I am fortunate to have married a wonderful man who held me and got me calm enough to snooze for a couple of hours.  Thankfully. So when Bradley did awake I was starting to feel better.

I  immediately applauded Bradley for sleeping through the night and then asked him to please do it the next night so that I could benefit from it.

Then, my son, the sweet son that he is, smiled at me in a way that said, "Yeah right, Mom. You had your chance."

And so we enter Month 2 of Motherhood.

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