January 26, 2011

An Update from the Home Front

It's been a week (maybe a little over) since I last blogged. Yikes! So I decided to update you on the going ons at the Johnson household.

1. We are trying to save the world one day at a time. 

Yes, Jeremy and I have given in to the world of Jack Bauer and his crazy 24 hour days in which he does not eat, pee, poop, or sneeze. I don't know how he does it. I also have never met a guy with so many lives.

We have seriously had a blast watching this show. We started last week and are already in Season 5. I think we are a little obsessive with these sort of things. We spend most of the time laughing. The one liners are to die for. Seriously. In one episode a guy is talking to his girlfriend and says, "I love you and am falling in love with you." Funny, right? I mean, I can't make this up. And then Jeremy asks why it's called "falling" shouldn't it be "rising" and so all this week he keeps telling me he's "rising in love with me" which just sounds ridiculous.

We have also added phrases like "May I speak off the record?" and "May I be frank?" to all our conversations. Trust me. We are some really cool parents. Bradley is only so lucky.

2. We began discussion of how we are going to design our living room... and it got heated.

The room is crazy long and narrow. The outlets and air vents are oddly placed. Oh, and Jeremy and I have totally different ideas on how to set it up. We've decided that in order to keep peace we are going to call in a third party.

3. I started training for a 5k. 

I finally got cleared from my doctor to start fully working out again. Yay!! Oh, how I have missed the adrenaline and pain that comes from a good workout. Plus pregnancy does weird things to ones body. My belly button is still the same size it was when I was nine months pregnant. Friends, will it ever look normal and cute again? I must know.

And, yes, the training kicked my butt. I'd be lying if I didn't say I wasn't a little glad it rained the past two days preventing me from moving forward. I mean, I've got to recover.

4. Bradley got a virus.

He was soo fussy all weekend. And then he started eating less on Monday. And by Tuesday he just refused to eat at all. So I rushed him to the doctor where blood work showed he had a virus. Poor little man. No worries, though, I've given him tons of extra hugs and kisses. He already seems to be starting to feel a little better.

5. I took Bradley to the Pediatrician's office ALONE... in the POURING rain.

I am so proud of myself. It was my first adventure with the little man alone. It obviously took 3x longer than I thought it would to get us out the door. But really I didn't have any major problems. I clumsily.. i mean, gracefully.. managed his carrier, an umbrella, and a diaper bag. Oh, and without caffeine! Yes, you can call me Supermom. I'm sure Bradley will too. ;-)

6. I took my new fancy diaper bag with me. 

It only took 3 months to arrive. But I'd definitely say it was worth the wait. I really love it. I kinds want to go out again just so I can use it. I think it can slide as a purse. I just won't open it in front of anyone.  

7. I made meatloaf.

And it was edible. It was even really good. Jeremy thinks this is a sign which means I might just burn tomorrow's dinner. Please don't tell him.

8. I called Parker "the dog".

Friends, this is sad. I mean, really sad. Thankfully, Parker didn't hear. I felt so guilty, though, that I ended up giving him a bag full of treats and a roll. I also made an appointment at a local pet spa for him to have a day of grooming and luxury.

9. I volunteered to do yard work.

My dad just stopped breathing. Dad, are you back with us?? So growing up, yard work was the one thing I despised. I complained, hid, ran "errands"... anything to get out of having to do it. But, Dad, you will be proud. I'd been staring at my poor yard while it got more and more forest like without anything being done about it. So I picked up a rake and trimmers and did yard work. Mind you- I still have about 2/3s to go and the rain has delayed me finishing, but it was definitely a good start.

10. Journey group is meeting at my house tonight.

Journey group is a life-on-life based bible study. It's intense. But when you've got a group of amazing woman who do it with you it really makes it fun and a huge encouragement. Well, since I now have Bradley, the ladies have offered to change locations to my house. I am soo excited! I have missed these women.

This also means that now I must go and clean or they might not want to come back next week.

But I am just going to leave you with what is clearly the most precious face you've ever seen.

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Jamie D said...

We have the same diaper bag! I'm glad you like it. I can't wait to use mine :)