March 8, 2011

Be Gone

Remember when I was so excited to fit into these again??

Well, let's just say they are now developing dust.

If I were to be completely honest with you, I'd have to admit it's been one of the hardest parts about post-pregnancy.

I mean, I literally worked my butt off to get into those jeans. I took away all sweets, ate a lot of fish, and worked out hard for at least an hour each day, sometimes twice a day.

And now, I'm starting back at square one.

Except this time it's going to be even harder to lose the weight. Now, I have a child attached to my hip, whom I must feed (enter more calories), AND an addiction to sweets.

Side note: Let's just say that during the third trimester, which happened to be holiday season, I went a little crazy and ate a lot of sweets - hence my addiction. Who wouldn't when they have such a great excuse??

But I am determined.

Problem number one was finding a way for me to take Bradley on my workouts.  Solution: jogging stroller.

I was so excited about getting this in the mail. It was going to encourage me to take Bradley to the tracks while I trained for my 5k.

And of all the strollers I researched this one was the definitely the coolest. It came with an iPod hook up and speakers that would allow Bradley to listen to whatever I was listening to. It also had great storage, two cupholders, and a child's tray.  This thing was going to revolutionize my workouts.

Then, I was informed by a friend that you aren't supposed to use it until your child is six months old.

I figured I could work around that. I would recline the seat, wouldn't jog until he could sit up on his own, and I would use a head rest thing.

I was not to be deterred.

I was also just as excited when the box arrived.

I was also just as excited as I started to assemble the stroller.

And after two hours of putting the thing together, three broken fingernails, bruises all over, and a box of thin mints eaten, I was still excited.

That is until Jeremy came home and informed me it was defective; the brake was not connected properly. I was now going to have to take the darn thing back apart and fit it back in the box it came in.

So after an additional two hours, more bruises, and another box of thin mints eaten, I finally got the stroller apart and back in the stupid box that I swear shrunk two sizes.

Ah- the irony, right? It shrinks, I grow, and now I am still in need of a jogging stroller so that I can work off the baby weight and the additional weight assembling baby items creates.

And in case you doubt, my goal is to get to pre-pregnancy weight by May. Wish me luck!


Kristen said...

totally feel your pain...only it's after #3, and i truthfully have some pounds saved from the first two that i'd like to come off too :) i have the same goal of losing the weight by may (or first of june) and would love to exercise with you! i'm not really a runner, but i'd like to be :) call me any time. and tell bradley this is not a date...abby may isn't allowed to date until she's 25 ;)

Jamie said...

Do you have a Wii? My neighbor has the Zumba program for the Wii, and I plan to borrow it to see if I like it. I figure I can do it while Owen naps. =)