April 26, 2011

Happy Four Months!

Four months?! Can you believe it??

This month has by far been the fastest. Each day, I stop and try to make myself soak it all in so that I don't forget any of it. But it's happening so fast.

Here are some cool moments of the month:

Bradley rolled over.

And rolled over.

And rolled over.

He can now roll onto his stomach and back onto his back. I still cheer him like a dog. But he seems to really like it so I keep on.

He is getting so close to crawling. He figured out his legs quick and is now starting to figure out how his arms. We've had a few almosts, but not a definite crawl. I think I'll cry when he crawls. It's such a big boy thing to do and it's just so fast.

He's now sleeping 12 hours at night!! Yes, we praise Jesus every day.

He really likes songs. We sing all the time. He can actually mouth along with me to Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star. He also has started to try to sing himself.

He is still extremely talkative. But mostly it is at midnight, in his crib, alone.

We've really enjoyed the beautiful weather by spending a lot of time outside. Bradley loves being outdoors.

My best friend's mom made this for Bradley. Soo sweet and special!

 Bradley's first grocery trip. He was confused to have so many items around him.

 He smiles all the time. We are so blessed to have such a happy baby. 

 Jeremy needs to quit taking photos. I'm starting to think he prefers us asleep.

 About to go for a walk.

 The sun!

Just so sweet.

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