May 2, 2011

Bradley and Parker

Ah. Bradley and Parker.

I get asked all the time how Parker has done with the new addition to our family.

And I seriously could not rave enough praises on him. Parker is one amazing dog.

I have so enjoyed watching their friendship blossom.

Bradley is completely fascinated by Parker. He watches his every move.

He talks to him and tries to pet him.

Parker likes to pretend like he doesn't care.

But if he were completely honest, he'd tell you how much he loves Bradley- how when Bradley screams out, he is the first to run to his rescue. And how snuggling with him is highly enjoyable.

He will also tell you that he can't wait for him to get older and can play with him.

He will then go on to tell you that if he were even more honest, he'd have to admit that the additional toys are pretty awesome too.

Yup, I think if Parker could speak, he would tell you that he wouldn't trade Bradley for anything. 

(Video taken in February before the infamous roll over)

(Ok... so we are little behind on getting videos to you.. another one from February.)

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KatieGoJo said...

Um, this is an amazingly cute post. Love it!
~Katie Joffe