May 4, 2011

Whinings of A New Mom

My house has been a mess for approximately 2 months.

This was when Bradley stopped sleeping through most of the day.

This was also when I decided to take in every moment with him and cease to do things that are necessary for my well-being... like having a clean house.

You see, I am a clean freak and I like order.

Neither of these things has happened.

This has caused me to feel overwhelmed.

Then, I came up with an awesome solution to make all parties happy. Hire a maid.

We'd get her to come once a month and just help me with the vacuuming, dusting, windows, and baseboards.

And it would only be until Bradley turned 1.

Brilliant, right??

And, trust me, necessary.

So my quest began.

Immediately, I got the names of two highly recommended maids. One wouldn't return my calls and one scheduled a cleaning and then didn't show...

So I just figured third times the charm.

Maid number three wouldn't answer her phone and had no answering machine.

Was I deterred in my quest?? Nope. I continued on... with fervor.

We were starting to name the dust mites so I was getting more and more desperate.

Maid number four was completely booked.

And then came number five.

I scheduled her immediately... on the first call. Call me stoked!

And then she called me at 1 a.m.

Not cool.

And then she called to cancel.

Really not cool.

In case you are wondering, here's the scorecard.

Maids = 5     Me = 0

Yes, I am taking this as a sign that God wants me to clean my own darn home.

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1 am?!