June 28, 2011

Vacation in Orlando Continued

Tuesday morning started off much like Monday except rather than comment on being bored Rebekah asked how long we had been there because it felt like a week. Ha!

 We decided to just hang out around the hotel and the pools!

Yup, Bradley got to experience a big pool for the first time. He was honestly too cool to comment on the matter. Personally, I think he enjoyed the bath afterward a little bit more, but he will neither confirm nor deny those thoughts. 

The video of his first time in the kiddy pool is below! (Warning: It's long. I'm really white. And I use the word rectal. Yup, I have no boundaries.)

That evening Rebekah and I decided to run the running trail outside.

Before I tell this story you should know a couple of things.

1. Rebekah and I are basically the same person except she got all the athletic genes and dark skin (see above).

2. I like to torture myself and in that mindset signed up for a 5k race.

So I needed to run and Rebekah wanted to run. Got it?

Well, we first went by the front desk to get a map of the trail. The kind hostess told us that the trail was well lit and had signs marking where to go.It sounded super simple.

We started at the water fountain. I told her my plan was a walk/run method. She said that she'd meet me back at the fountain cause let's get real. She was going to smoke me. And we were off.

I kept up with Rebekah pretty well at the beginning. Then , about 1/4 of a mile in she was gone and I was walking. Oh, and I do wish I was kidding.

Then, about half a mile in the trail seemed to disappear. There was a sign pointing left with a sign saying 3.3 miles out of 10. Umm... the hostess said the running trail was 1.5 miles. That 10 mile trail was not for me. So  I decided to follow the sidewalk and go straight which led me past the security gate, out of the hotel, and on to a main street with no signs for the trail!

I decided to continue to follow the sidewalk to the left until it ended. I turned around and decided that the trail must be to the right. But then it never turned back to the hotel.

And then I realized that I was semi-lost.

And since Rebekah and I are the same person, she was lost too. My baby sister was lost!

I quickly decided to turn around and head back. I'd been running/walking for a mile at that point so Rebekah should already be back or coming close to being back. If she wasn't, I was going to steal the valet's golf cart and find her.

Being the good sister I am, I attempted to run the whole way until I realized that the whole way was up hill. That's when I decided it was okay to walk back too... as long as I was fast at it.

Thankfully, just as I got to the water fountain I noticed Rebekah was coming my way. Whew!! No need to steal that golf cart.

And what would you know? The first thing she said was, "Did you get lost?? Cause I ran past the security guard, out of the hotel, and then went one way until the sidewalk ended and then went this long way around. I think we need to study the map before our next run."

Yup. We are the same person. The funniest part, though, was that she actually thought I was going to run with her again. Ha!

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The Almeidas said...

Since Blogger has this nice space that says "Leave your comment", I think I will! :)

First of all, BABY SUNGLASSES?!?! How much did you just ADORE buying those?? I can only imagine. :)

Second, love love love the white hat. LOVE. So much less kitchy than a colored one.

Third, this brings back vague memories when we decided to accidentally take the wrong side of the greenway in Suwanee and may or may not have unintentionally walked 5 miles in the Atlantan August heat. Whoops.


Love you and miss you!!!