August 31, 2011

How I met a star

It was this past Friday. The day was sunny and hot: typical for a summer day in the South.

We had already been to Sublime donuts and IKEA and eaten lunch at California Pizza. Our next stop was the reason for the trip.

I needed turquoise for our living room and Z Gallerie had it in bundles.

We had been in the store for about 10 minutes when I saw her. Immediately, my heart started to pound and I whispered to my sister... "that's the star of Vampire Diaries."

 (via Inside TV)

You see, the show is filmed in Atlanta. My brother and I follow the whole cast on Twitter so that we can know where they are filming and hanging out. We knew that eventually we could meet one or all of the cast members. Plus, we have a huge desire to be extras on the set. (I am a born star, you know, just waiting to be found.)

But I had no clue I'd be meeting her on Friday at Z Gallerie. It was a fluke, a gift from God, a moment I will not forget.

As my heart pounded and my hands got sweaty, I decided to approach her.



"Hi. I know this is probably totally not what I am supposed to do, but I just couldn't help it. I am such a huge fan of yours and your show. My husband and I just love it. It's seriously the only teeny-bop show we watch. We seriously love it."

"Aw. Thank you. That's sweet. Is this your son??"

"Yes. Bradley."

And I kid you not my son waved at Nina Dobrev. His first wave was to a star. He really knows how to pull out all the stops.

After a little more chit chat that I cannot remember for the life of me, I asked for a picture. Unfortunately, I was turned down. But my sister was a witness that this did indeed happen and, therefore, I am okay.

I also would be way more offended if one of the guys on the show turned me down... I mean, they are hot in a totally edible way.

(via CW)

Which leads me to Jeremy's comment when I told him my exciting news: "Is she as hot in person as she is on the show?"

And, guys, she is.

For all the ladies, she was buying sheets: 7 sets to be exact. They were a dark grey with a slight brown/purple tint.

She was nice, but not bubbly. I'm sure I caught her completely off guard. I just couldn't miss the opportunity to speak to her.

Now in writing this post, I do realize a couple of things.

1. This show is watched my mainly the tweens and teens. Jeremy and I have come to terms with this and are okay.

2. Most these fans literally scream and freak when the cast make an appearance. I know that I stepped onto that line on Friday. I am also okay with this.

3. Had she been one of the guys from the show, I probably would have ran over that line and then taken it to another level. Let's be glad my encounter was slightly mellow and I was not arrested in front of my 8 month old.

4. My brother happened to mention to me while I was making him awesomely jealous that she is in fact 22. So I freaked out over someone who is 5 years younger than me.

5. You should also know that we have the season premiere on our calendar: Thursday, September 15 at 8 pm on the CW. 

No worries. I have scheduled an appointment with my shrink. I am also researching casting companies, because I now must be an extra on their set.

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Ashley Family said...

ur life is fascinating... thanks for letting me peak in! love ya