September 15, 2011

Happy 9 months!

I cannot believe that Bradley has been out of my womb for almost as long as he was in it. Jeremy made the comment the other day that at this stage in life, our life seems to happening so quickly and how he can't believe how much has happened in such a short time. It's so true. These past nine months have flown by.

 Bradley is mastering skills and moving on to the next one almost within a day. He is seriously keeping us on our toes.

He is crawling as fast as his little legs and arms will take him throughout our house. He is standing and walking while holding on to things.

Bradley understands the word "no." He hates, hates, hates to upset me or Jeremy. And gives us wet and sloppy kisses that melt our hearts.

He loves to destroy things, can wave, and repeat sounds we make. (Earlier today I told him to say, "I love you, dada." He seriously made noise that sounded just like he was repeating the phrase.)

He loves to share. He is always giving me his toys to play with or shoving Parker's toys in Parker's mouth so that he will play with him.

He is definitely a thinker and will play with an object until he can figure it out. Yesterday, he had a closed box of cheez-its. He played with that box until he finally figured out how to open it and grab himself a cracker out.

He is experiencing some separation anxiety. Let's just say he's a big time mama's boy. (Can you honestly blame him though?? I rap. I have a feather in my hair. I am one cool mom.... j.u..s.t. k.i.d.d.i.n.g. It's an issue we are trying to work through. Thank goodness for the outdoors.)

 He LOVES baby puff cereal. We call it baby crack. We also have started giving him other finger foods and he is loving the freedom of feeding himself. I, however, am not enjoying the mess it is creating.

He loves to play ball, especially with Parker. He loves singing, clapping, and dancing. Unfortunately, Yo Gabba Gabba is becoming a popular show for him since that's all they do.

He enjoys playing games and being tickled.... wait... maybe I enjoy tickling him more than he enjoys being tickled. Either way, is there anything sweeter than a baby's laugh??

He is learning cause and effect. For instant, one of his toys light up and when you press the lights it plays a song. He now presses the buttons when lit. He can also turn on his lamp and work the Wii Remote although he doesn't quite get which button does which.

He can climb up the stairs and is learning how to properly get down. We've added spices to his food. Cinnamon is his favorite. He hates, hates avocados. We are slightly concerned since we eat Mexican food about 3 times a week. But we are letting it slide for now. 

Yes, nine months have flown by, but what a joy they have been. It's funny because whenever I am out and about with Bradley I hear the same thing over and over. "What a happy baby!" And if I were to describe Bradley in one phrase that's the one I'd have to use. He is a happy baby.

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