September 26, 2011

Catching Up

It's been ten days since my last post. Did you miss me?? Since I have no way of really knowing, I will assume you've been checking this blog daily and crying out in angst that I haven't been on top of things. It's nice to have make believe fans. It makes me feel so loved. I feel like I should now give an Oscar speech, but then I also think that it would be slightly over kill... you are saved. Send your thank yous to Jeremy. In the past four years of marriage, he has somehow snuck into my psyche. Darn him and his sneakiness.

Speaking of Jeremy, did you know that he reads most every post I write before I post it? One reason is for grammar and errors. But the main reason is that he has to approve any post he's mentioned in. Apparently, when I was born, I was born without something called a filter. He says that a filter would prevent me from sharing too much or saying something that shouldn't be said. To me, the filter sounds pretty lame and not so much fun. So anyways, there are posts that have been deleted and many posts that had to be edited in order to meet his approval. I'm working on one now that's titled "Why I am the mother of a 13-year-old girl." I think it might end up in the delete file on account of my husband. But trust me: it's legit. My child is discovering his emotions and it is tiring.

My sister moved in with us. I have a feeling that many posts in the future will contain her. And since I'm not married to her, she can't really tell me whether or not to post something. Hmmm. I have a feeling that somehow Jeremy will also take over approving on her behalf. I swear, it's a conspiracy.

It's been been fun having Megan around. She's doing an internship called the Fellows Program at our church. Already they took her camping. And if you have ever met my sister, you know that camping is not really an activity she's familiar or comfortable with. She returned to say that it was fun, but she is never doing it again. I think she might have exaggerated on the fun part in an effort to be positive.

I went camping a few times. Each time was in someone's backyard and we ended up going inside to the bed around midnight. I just don't get why someone would choose the ground when you could sleep in a comfortable bed away from critters and bugs. But call me normal.

Bradley had his nine month appointment on Friday. It's official. The doctor thinks I'm a nut. But that will have to be a different post. Let's just say we are slowly moving away from pureed food into finger food and I am having multiple panic attacks a day. I just don't understand how Bradley can eat what I eat when he has no teeth. It just doesn't make sense!

We are having a yard sale this weekend. Not at our house. At a friend's house. I've never had one before. I'm pretty excited. Unfortunately, it is Monday and I now only have 4 days to go through all our stuff to see what we want to sell. Yes, I am the person who has waited until the last minute. And, yes, it has been planned for over a month. But this just means that I'll get rid of more stuff than expected because I won't have time to think about it. Yay! I love cleaning out.

Happy Monday!

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