October 5, 2011

It's a bird, it's a plane.... It's


On Monday, I took B to the doctor where I discovered that he was suffering from a severe cold and pretty bad ear infection. He'd woken up both Saturday and Sunday night so I knew something was up. 

The rest of the day we took it easy. I knew Tuesday would have to be a low key day too since he had just started his medicine. As I got him dressed Tuesday morning, I had a thought. What would make a little boy feel better than pretending all day??

And that's when Superman appeared. 

Superman was made of steel.

Remote controls were no match for his awesome power.

Doors would open and close on his command.

Even cartoons were terrified.

 Yes, Bradley was king of his domain. 

"Mommy, this Superman is really cool."

"I think I am a natural. Have you seen my muscles??"

"Yes, they are quite large for a baby, Bradley."

"For a baby??? Shoot. They are large for anyone, Mom."

"My bad. Do you feel better? Anything else that you want to do as Superman??"

"Yes, I want to fly."

Ah, to be a kid again...

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