October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween!

While all of you are probably out and about collecting and/or giving candy, we are holding down the fort doing neither. It has come to pass that apparently my son will have a very similar Halloween story to mine. I already feel sorry for him.

But since today was Halloween, I decided to at least dress him up... 

It has also come to my attention that by saying "Bradley, smile!" You get this. So typical of a boy, huh?

Even though Halloween is out, we did take part in some fun Fall activities. One of which was going to the pumpkin patch.

We gave B some snacks and as you can tell he was way more interested in the snacks than the pumpkins.

And then he noticed he was sitting next to something quite large and fun to hit!

Jeremy was hilarious. I was all about letting B crawl around and explore. Jeremy insisted he keep him close and off the ground. "Hay can really stir up people's allergies." I tell you, poor kid. No Halloween, no hayrides.... I'm going to have to sneak him away so that he can have a real childhood. Geez!

He picked out his own pumpkin and a pumpkin for Parker.

Then, yesterday we all sat down, including Megan, and carved our pumpkins. We started out making it a competition. But after the first little bit, we decided we just weren't cut out for arts and crafts and we better just have category winners.

Soo... for the most festive award:

Mine! And just so you know, here's how the conversation went between Jeremy and I after I showed it to him and asked him if he liked it.

Me: What do you think?

J: I think it's great! Is it a skeleton key?

Me: No...

J: Is it a broccoli? Like from Veggie Tales?

Me: No! It's a tree.

J: OH! Well, it's really great!

Me: How can it be great if you can't even tell what it is???

So needless to say, I awarded myself the prize for most festive. Jeremy sat beside me giggling.

Megan won the cutest award! I really like a classic pumpkin.

Jeremy decided to get all detailed and take f-o-r-e-v-e-r.  So naturally we heckled him to try and mess him up.

Good thing Jeremy doesn't think the Ninja Turtles are evil. We will have that for Bradley. Whew!

Oh, and he obviously won the most detailed award.

Now, you might have noticed on his and mine that our tops are actually set on top as if they are hats. Yes, we did not realize that you have to cut your tops off at an angle... so they fall right through. We know. Major FAIL in the pumpkin carving department.

Once B woke up, it was his turn. We don't quite trust him with knives yet so we got him stickers for his pumpkin.

He was really disinterested, but I had fun pretending that he was having a blast!

And so here are all our pumpkins!!

We hope you have a safe and wonderful night!

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