October 27, 2011

Why we should embrace flavoring

A couple weeks ago, our house was sick zone central. I had a nasty stomach bug and Bradley couldn't kick an ear infection.

My sweet husband took two days off work to watch B and take him to the doctor for more meds. When he returned from the doctor's appointment, we learned a very valuable lesson.

Me: So what did the doctor say?

J: Well, the ear infection got worse not better so he prescribed a stronger dose of amoxicillin. 

Me: Aw. Bradley loves the bubble gum medicine. 

J: Yeah, have they ever asked you if you wanted your medicine flavored?

Me: I don't think so, but they may have and I just don't remember.

J: They asked me. They said it would cost $3 so I said no.

Me: You said no??

J: Yeah. I couldn't imagine you paying $3 for flavoring.

Me: Have you ever tried to give B medicine that's not flavored? I'm pretty sure I would have said yes.

J: Well, maybe it is naturally flavored.

Me: Umm.. probably like nasty medicine. I don't think I've ever had unflavored medicine. Have you?

J: No... 

Me: You don't really do well in situations where it is just you and B and you get asked a question, do you?    
(Can you tell something similar has happened before?)

J: No. I don't. But I do try.

We, then, give the medicine to B who screams the entire time and spits out most of it. 

Me: So I guess it tastes like crap.

J: Hmm... maybe I should call and see if they can add in flavoring.

Me: I think something has to be done. This is horrid. You do know that one of the times I have to do it alone, right? And you do know that it just took both of us to give him this one dose??

J: Do you think they asked because they knew it tasted bad?

Me: I mean, if it tasted wonderful, why would they ask?

So, we called and found out that once it is mixed, there's nothing they can do. And we had 10 days, twice a day to go. 

At the end of those 10 days, Jeremy looked at me and simply said, "Saving $3 was not worth it."

To which I replied, "You think?"


Notes from Jeremy: We did learn that if you stuck the syringe in the back of the throat and squirt really fast, you could avoid the tongue all together with confidence that B did not taste it and it all stayed inside of him.

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