October 24, 2011

Video of the Week: Walking Tall

Over the past month or so, Bradley has been gaining more and more confidence on his feet. He started walking around objects and releasing his hold on the couch or coffee table for about 3 seconds at a time and balancing himself.

Then one day, he decided he was ready to move to the next step. He moved one of his toys off his playmat to the wood floor and started pushing it around the room. At that moment, we decided it was time to get him a walker.

He's had it a week now and he LOVES it. He has figured out how fast he can push it before falling over. He has learned how to catch himself if he does happen to fall. And he is starting to figure out how to move it so he doesn't get stuck against a wall.

I am so proud of him and how quickly he's figuring out his center balance. I am also loving his personality more. Earlier today, he fell while pushing it, but caught himself by his arms and did this whole twisting of the body thing. It was so cute that I started to laugh, but stopped myself in case I hurt his feelings. But just as I stopped, he burst out laughing at himself. I think it says a lot if you can laugh at yourself. :-)


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