October 18, 2011

My day

So how was your day?

My day began at 4:30 a.m. to the sound of Jeremy's alarm followed by the immediate crying of Bradley. This is rare, but sometimes his alarm does wake up our whole house. And trust me - it is not cool.

On top of B being awoken 3 hours prior to when he normally wakes up, he has been super sick with two ear infections and so let's just say this wasn't a "let's just roll him over and he'll go back to sleep" kinda moment. Nope. He was awake, realized he was sick, and cried bloody murder.

On mornings like this, I end up just putting him in the bed with me. Partly because the change of scenery distracts him from whatever is bothering him and mostly because I require a lot of sleep to be able to function. Starting out the day at 4:30 a.m. does not make for a happy household.

After about an hour of talking in our bed and watching Jeremy get ready for work, B was out. I quickly followed and we slept until 8 a.m. Holla!

Once we were up and moving, Bradley got changed and fed and then it was on to playtime. We are working on finishing our living room up (It looks amazing!) and so all the new furniture has B really excited. He started to pull up on one of our side tables, I said no, he stopped, and proceeded to crawl toward our fireplace screen. And that's when I noticed a turd the size of my palm on our floor.

I kid you not- the thing was huge! And my first thought was that Bradley had just crawled in Parker's poo. But upon closer examination the turd had peas and carrots in it which Parker refuses to eat. That's also when I noticed that Bradley was still dropping little pea droplets as he crawled away unaware that he had just dropped the biggest crap of his life on our living room floor.

Now, you have to understand that none of this made sense. Bradley was wearing a diaper that was still secure, a onesie, and pants over that onesie. I have not earthly idea how one any amount of poo got all the way on our floor and two how it could possibly have been that big. And yet there it was.

So now imagine me trying to get Parker away from it, followed by Bradley who all of sudden noticed something on the floor, and more pea droplets. It was a mess of crazy.

Have I mentioned that Megan, my sister, is living with us right now? Well, let's just say I took full advantage and we tagged teamed B, Parker and B's turds.

Then, later on in the day I had to pee. If B is awake, I use our half bath so that I can hear if he gets into anything. He usually follows and sits by the door waiting until I get done. I noticed after I was done that he was at the door. I started to talk to him while I washed my hands. When I turned around, there was Bradley playing in the toilet, water splashing everywhere. I guess curiosity got the best of him.

Then, there was him attempting to lift himself by his arms so that he could get on top of our dining room table, him moving our vacuum cleaning, and him throwing a ball as hard as he could toward the glass on our tv stand. And let me tell you that kid can throw.

So needless to say, today was an adventure... an exhausting, interesting adventure. Now, please excuse me while I get into my pajamas and go to bed... and, yes, I know that is 7:30 p.m. and I just don't care. Like I said. I require a lot of sleep.

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