November 29, 2011

When the crazy come outs

If you are a longtime blog reader, I am sure you have come to the conclusion that we have a unique family.

For instance, I swear our dog, Parker, has the Pinocchio syndrome. "I just wanna be a real boy!"

He tries so hard to fit in and appear human. But then he does things like this.

(Sorry, the video was longer than I expected. Teaches me to watch videos before uploading them.)

I suppose it's his form of cologne for the ladies. And by ladies I mean his one true love Rooster. Which did I ever mention that he sent her a booty dance video?? Yeah... my phone went to be in Apple heaven or else I would show you. It was h.i.l.a.r.i.o.u.s. You'll just have to trust me.

While Parker loves the scent of a bounty dry sheet, he hates air fresheners and will attack if he even suspects you will be using it. This does create some very uncomfortable bathroom moments.

Wait!? You didn't think I was actually going to show you one of those moments, did you??? 
This is a family blog. Geez, people. Where is your mind??

One of Parker's most recent crazies is when I go to walk him. Mind you, this only happens when I walk him.

As you can tell in the video, a simple "Let's go outside" no longer suffices. No, life has become a game. A game of chase. A chase to catch a squirrel. I honestly have no idea what our little Parker will do with a creature his size if he does ever catch one.Thankfully, this is probably very similar to his dream of being a real boy... It's just a dream.

And then you have our latest addition to the family, Bradley. Bradley brings his own crazy to the table. I really think it is becoming our M.O. Let's call his the Superman dream, plus his desire to be the family clown.

The "dun, dun, dun, dun" came randomly. He raised his arm, I said the phrase, he smiled, and our household has never been the same. The kissing the high chair happened because he accidentally followed the spoon all the way down to the high chair when I was trying to get another spoonful of yogurt. I laughed because it really was comical.

And when I laugh, he naturally laughs. He, then, proceeds to repeat whatever it was that made me laugh over and over and over again in hopes of getting the same reaction. Hence, he continued to kiss the high chair.

I have a feeling this will all come back when we hit school age... Oh me, oh my!

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