December 5, 2011

Ramblings on a Monday

It's 8 p.m. at night and guess what I just got done doing??

Yup, bagging leaves. Thankfully, Jeremy and Megan were forced to volunteered their services. I really like those two.

I thought I'd do a random Monday post for you.

1. Our Christmas tree is up! This year it was a feat to say the least. I wanted it up by December 1st. But Jeremy had an idea. So my tree went up on December 4th. That was about the time I told Jeremy enough was enough. My tree was going up!

2. This time last year, I was begging my son to come out of my belly. It's weird to think that was a whole year ago.

3. I am busy preparing for Bradley's one year birthday party!! I am really, really excited. It's a fire truck themed party.

4. I realized in planning his birthday party that I have to give up my desire to host an annual Christmas party. I think it would make me too crazy.

5. Bradley is starting to walk on his own!! He's not very confident so he won't go very far before he slowly sits down. He doesn't fall. He sits. Yes, he's a nut. But he's walking!! I'm hoping he builds his confidence so that I can get it on video. It's very sporadic. And teasing him with items or people does not help. He's an independent one that kid of mine.

6. When the above happened for the first time, Megan burst into tears. I laughed. Mainly at her. And then at Bradley because he instantly knew he had done something HUGE.

7. I'm really enjoying B at this age. He's starting to communicate with us more and is figuring out what we are saying. Now, we just have to figure out what he's saying. And that kid speaks a lot and fast. It really makes me excited for the future.

8. I rearranged my kitchen so that I could put my kitchen aid on the counter top. I was taking it in and out all the time and really just wanted to be able to walk in and stare at it. It calms me.

9. I went into a kitchen store while we were visiting family over Thanksgiving and seriously freaked. I got really excited at all of the fun items I saw and wanted. Who am I???

10. I am really excited about this Christmas. It's going to be so fun to combine mine and Jeremy's traditions plus add a couple. And truly I am soooo excited to be Santa Claus. I have been waiting for this for years. The cookie, the milk, the stocking, the present. It is going to be soo much fun!

Happy Monday!!

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