December 15, 2011


The title must be said like this:

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Now, all together - FREEDOM!!!!!

Yes, I am free, free at last!

For as of a week ago, I am no longer breastfeeding.

My boobies are mine again!!!

I am very fortunate that I was able to breastfeed Bradley. I went into the whole experience open-minded to other possibilities and willing to allow myself to change my mind at any point. Thankfully, the whole experience came naturally and easily.

My goal was to make it to six months with the possibility of going a full year. Jeremy really wanted me to make it a year. I was a little weary of the longevity of such a plan. I mean, a whole year seemed like an eternity when I wasn't getting any sleep.

But guess what?? I did it!! I made it a year. I am so excited that I did it, but I've got to be real with you. I am really glad to have my boobs back.

A couple of things have happened since I got my girls back.

1. I've already lost the remaining 5 pounds I had to lose to be at my pre-pregnancy weight just because I am not hungry all... the... time. Woo Hoo!!

2. Bradley has gotten so sweet. Since quitting, he has chosen certain times of the day as "snuggle" times. One of those times has been at 6 a.m. He'll wake up and the minute I pick him up he falls asleep on me until 7:30 a.m. Sadly, the doctor said I'm perpetuating a bad habit. But it is really sweet that he still wants that one on one time with me. That or he is playing me and will deal me a doozy of a hand later in life... I wouldn't put it past him. He is really smart....

3. I have apparently become old. Here is why: To celebrate this momentous occasion, I went to a local grocery store that will remain nameless to protect those involved  to purchase a bottle of wine. This would be my first glass in two years. Rachael went with me. We picked out my favorite, a pinot grigio, and went to checkout. Before I knew it the cashier was telling me my total. I stared blankly for a minute and then asked Rachael, "That wine does have alcohol in it, right??" Rachael burst out laughing to which I said, "Well, I wasn't carded!" To which the cashier said, "I'm sorry. You don't look under 21." To which I said, "WHAT?!!" I was wearing a really hip outfit that day PLUS I have a feather in my hair PLUS I ALWAYS GET CARDED. Who was this cashier??? So I told her it was my first time EVER not getting carded. To which she replied, "Wow. I didn't know it was that big of a deal..." Can you believe her??? Didn't know it was that big of a deal. Who is she again?? I'm pretty sure IT'S THE LAW to card unless your all gray and old. WHICH I AM NOT!! So who cares if I look 22 instead of 21. I should STILL get carded. No worries. Solace came later when I found out my 22 year old sister didn't get carded that same day.... Then, Jeremy, being the "smart" man he is came home the next day saying that he was just carded at the grocery store. Yeah, there's NO WAY he looks younger than me. He was only carded because his cashier abides by the law. Cause it was definitely not because he looks 21. Either way. He really should learn to keep some things to himself.

4. I was really emotional this weekend. I suppose it was my hormones from weaning. Well, on Monday, I thought I was good and back to normal. Then, I openned our mail to find a post card from my gym saying that they missed me. Did you catch that?? MY GYM SENT ME A POSTCARD SAYING THEY MISSED ME! I immediately burst into tears and called Jeremy explaining to him why it had been 3 weeks since my last visit. It's the holidays! We had B's birthday! I'm tired! Well, it's now Thursday, and I still haven't gone this week. Wonder if they'd send a personal trainer over to our house next?? That would actually be VERY convenient....

5. I can sleep in! Well, I haven't slept in yet... But I could if I wanted, if Jeremy would let me, if the stars would align just right, if the fat lady would sing, and if B would not sense my presence in the house and come yelling into our bedroom.. Yup, I can now sleep in!

Ah. It's good to be free.


Mandy said...

Stalker Alert!!!! This is Mandy (Sloan) Young from Mercer. I found your blog from reading Jamie's blog and was super-excited to hear all about your lives! Congrats on everything, you two. I just wanted to comment on your accomplishment with breastfeeding - you go girl! I have a 21 month old who is still... ummm... attached. hah. We're going to go until she's two and then try to cut it off. Not IT, but the supply. hah. I tried at one year, but she wasn't having it. We'll see. Anyways, hope you guys are doing great - love reading about your lives. Email me anytime; I'd love to catch up.

Jessica said...

Hey Mandy!! Soo good to hear from you! I love how the internet keeps people connected. That's really impressive that you've gone 21 months. Good luck on the weaning!! I know it can be super hard on both of you. Hope your year has started off wonderfully!