December 16, 2011

{Sneak Peak} One Year Photos

Back when I was preggars, Jeremy and I decided that we wanted pictures to remember that time in our lives. After much research and asking around (I'm really picky when it comes to photography), we decided to use Two Chics Photography. Not only were they super talented with their cameras, but they also LOVE kids. Their shots really spoke for themselves. Plus, when you meet them, you get to see that they are also super sweet. We decided to go with their Baby Package. With it we got a maternity shoot, a newborn shoot, AND another shoot of our choosing. We chose to capture B at one year. 

So this past week, Jessica and her daughter came over to our house to "shoot" Bradley. And can I say photographers who photograph one year olds have to have the patience of saint? One year olds do not do well with direction nor do they sit still for more than 2 seconds. It was an hilarious and fun shoot.

Thanks, Jessica, for the sneak peak!! We can't wait to see the others.

So I have to comment on this last picture. We chose B's name because I wanted a name that doctor would naturally go in front of and sound awesome. Plus, B is smart enough to be a doctor. And who wouldn't want a doctor in the family? Anyways. Then, I found these "doctor in training" scrubs online and a cute doctor's kit. The rest is history... Well, almost. The first time we put the stethoscope around B's neck, he kinda freaked out and yelled really loud, " I DON'T WANT TO BE A DOCTOR!" I quickly smiled and responded, "Maybe not yet, sweetie.. but one day you just might." Then, B grabbed his drums and started beating on them and giving me this evil look that said, "watch me become a drummer." Then, Jeremy smiled. I think they are planning a hostile takeover. I'll let you know if I need reinforcements. ;-)

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I love the wagon-bowtie combo! :)