April 3, 2012

Good-bye March, Hello April

So March came and went and I did not blog. Hello April!!

When life gets crazy, the easiest thing to drop is the blog. It was necessary, I promise. And now we are on to happier, brighter days. Days that do not involve the following:

Jeremy's dad falling off a roof.

Bradley falling down a flight of stairs.

My closet falling on top of me. 

A wrecked home.

Bradley turning into Godzilla.

Me crying over and over.

Our calendar being as packed as it possibly can be.

Or living in the following modes: I will survive... or This phase will end... or I might lock myself in my room.. wait we don't have a lock on our door nor is there anywhere to sit because we are redecorating and I was given the wrong colors and I might lose it on Mr. Paint Guy.... or Do you think anyone will notice if I run away for a weekend...

Yup. March really kicked us in the butt. But like I said above. Hello April!!

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