April 9, 2012

28 is the new 18

Remember when I wrote this post that made me and my household sound like a bunch of alcoholics because we each just happened to buy alcoholic beverages in a week's time??  Yeah. That one. Well, if you remember, that week I felt super old. I was 27.

And then I turned 28 which apparently is the new 18. I'll explain.

A couple week's after turning 28 my sister and I decided to run some errands together with Bradley. It's rare that we get that kind of quality time so I was stoked. My sister is 22. (And this is important to our story.) Our first stop was Lowe's. I had decided to take on a DIY project and needed spray paint. We go grab the paint and then head to the self-checkout counter. As you know, you must be 18 to buy spray paint. So, naturally, when I rang up the paint, the alarm went off asking for an ID check. The cashier comes over and I show her the spray paint and then she says, "I need to see your ID." My first thought was "She must read my blog!" (Ha! Just kidding. I'm pretty sure my mom and mother-in-law are my sole readers out there. Hey guys!) But, truthfully, I was stunned. I casually laughed and said, "Really?? You do know this is my son, right?" To which she quickly replied, "That don't mean nothing these days. You look young." Yes. she might not read my blog, but she definitely watches MTV. And because of this, she thinks I'm really close to 18. Clearly those others who didn't card me weren't wearing their contacts because Mrs. Lowe's says I'm barely 18. Ha!

Well, you can imagine how happy I am. Megan snubs me and says that I do indeed look old and it shouldn't go to my head, but too bad. By this time it was too late. I was high on the young vibes. Our next stop was Kohls.

At Kohls, I went and grabbed the few items I needed and then we headed to the check out. This sweet, sweet cashier took one look at Megan and I and asked if we were twins. Like I said above Megan is 22. Clearly, this woman was complimenting me for looking so much younger than my age. Megan would probably tell you that the woman was telling her she looked old. But this is my blog and in my blog I look not a day over 22... and 18 to many.

So then we make our way to this past week. I needed to go into Publix and buy just a couple items for the next day. Jeremy was with me, but he opted to stay in the car with Bradley and wait on me. Well, a couple of items turned quickly into a few.. (Those buy one get one free sales get me every time!) So I actually needed help carrying them to the car. The nice bag boy offered to help. We started talking about nothing really. Then, he asked what I was doing that night. (It just so happened to be a Saturday night.) I told him nothing. He mentioned that was disappointing and that I should go party with him and his friends. "Ha!" I said, "I'm too old for that." To which he replied, "Aren't you like 19 or something?" I seriously busted out laughing and said, "Try 28." "No way!" he replied. And then he dropped my groceries in my trunk and we split ways.

So there you have it. It is becoming abundantly clear that 28 is now the new 18. Either that or there are a lot of people in need of having their eyes examined.


Nicole Homesley said...

I get it almost every day. Makes me feel fantastic. And most think my kids who are 9 6 and 3 are my siblings.

Jessica Wylie said...

I can SO relate! This has always happened to me, but was especially funny today when a lady asked me if I was in high school. I LOL'd and said "oh no ma'am, I'm almost 30!" The older I get, the more I appreciate the mistake :)