August 23, 2012


Below is a grouping of conversations one might hear around our house these days:

Me: Bradley, are you done eating?

B: Yogur.

Me: Oh, honey.  We don't have any. They were all close to expiration at the grocery store. Want something else?

B: (a little whiny) Yogur.

Me: Baby. You'll have to have something else.

B: (whinier) Yogur. Spoon.

Jeremy: We don't have any B.

B: (still whinier) Yogur. (Points to his tray)

Me: You might have to run to the store.

Jeremy: Seriously?

Me: Seriously. I don't think he's letting this go.

B: Dada. Yogur. Bye Bye.

Jeremy: (while laughing) I guess I'll be back in a minute.

Me: Remember when we used to go to Starbucks to relax and hang out?

Jeremy: And read a book.

Me: Yeah....

Jeremy: Yeah, we used to go there to relax from our extremely relaxing day.

Me: Yeah.... I miss that.

Jeremy: What? Relaxing from a relaxing day?

Me: Yeah. I mean, I like B and all and he's totally worth not ever relaxing, but I do miss going inside Starbucks verses the drive-thru and relaxing with you from relaxing.

Jeremy: Yeah. It would be nice.

Jeremy:  I was telling a guy at work that this pregnancy thing really isn't that bad.

Me: Why would you tell me that?!

Jeremy: What? It isn't for me...

Me:  Yeah, I think you are now supposed to die.

Jeremy: Do you think Madelyn is going to be more like me?

Me: What do you mean?

Jeremy: Well, you know calm and quieter.

Me: You mean, opposite of Bradley.

Jeremy: It would just be nice.

Me: To have a boring child??

Jeremy: Maybe just a break.


 Jeremy: Bradley, who lives in Heaven?

B: God.


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Sarah H. said...

Love it. I am getting a little worried for the days when Natalie tells me what she wants to eat and what she wants to wear :) And don't worry I don't think God makes boring children. My daughter is pretty calm, but not boring.