August 1, 2012


My son is full of it.

After the last 4 months of struggling to lift my head and trying to decipher between Bradley's meltdowns and toddler babble in the middle, I have to say that this month has been such a fresh breath.

I'm not only starting to be able to rejoin society, but Bradley has really blossomed. He is now carrying on full conversations, able to express himself without fully melting down first, and letting us get a glimpse of his big and wild personality.

I am LOVING this stage. I spend most my day laughing, helping Bradley with his vocabulary, and watching him play pretend. It amazes me how fast his little mind can absorb the world around him.

Here's some funny stories to give you an idea of what our future holds:

 Watching synchronized diving on Olympics.

The other day Bradley and I were watching volleyball on the Olympics. All of sudden Bradley picks up my phone, puts it to his ear, and says, "Babble babble babble, Momma, babble, babble, babble, tv, babble, ball, momma, babble.... (laughs)... Buh-bye." Then, he hands the phone back to me.

Bradley HATES mess. He doesn't like it on his hands, shirt, feet, OR the ground. While washing dishes, Jeremy got some dish soap on the floor. Bradley immediately pointed it out to us and started to complain. I told him it was fine, not to worry, but he wouldn't let it go. So I handed him a paper towel, curious to see what he'd do. He knelt down, wiped up the mess with the paper towel, and, then, threw the towel away in the trash. Jeremy and I burst out laughing, cheered him for being so helpful, and then in unison said, "I could get used to this."

 Insisting on wearing my hat while saying "Roar!!!"

Bradley also hates bugs. To him, a dust bunny looks like a bug. He found a little one yesterday, picked up the nearest and largest toy he could find, and proceeded to beat the bunny until I intervened and picked it up. I'm really glad to know he'll protect me against the real bugs.

Bradley was riding his firetruck around the house. I asked him if he was getting the fire out. He immediately began to pretend he had a water hose and continued to ride around while going "Shhhhh" pointing his "hose" at all the furniture.  Once the fire was out, he continued riding while loudly cheering himself on.

Pretending to be Daddy.

 At lunch, Bradley decided to copy everything I did. If I took a bite of my sandwich, he took a bite. If I took a sip of my drink, he took a sip. (Apparently, I also go "ah!" afterward which he in turn copied.) When talking to him, I put my hand under my chin; he did the same to respond. I, then, decided it was time to get his pigges. He could do nothing, but laugh... And there isn't a purer sound than a toddlers laugh.

The following are two videos. Before I started recording, Jeremy decided to walk on the treadmill. This got all the dogs going crazy, which led to Bradley wanting to mimic them...and then he decided to mimic Jeremy.  H-I-L-A-R-I-O-U-S

Like I said, this stage in his development is really fun.

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Sarah H. said...

Now this was a fun post! Love all of his personality! And he's getting more hair! Natalie loves to mimic m too (I must say "ah" after drinking as well!) and holds our remotes to her ear and says "Hi, hi, hi." I love the expanding vocabulary! So much fun :)