January 2, 2012

Happy New Year!!

Welcome to 2012!!

This could possibly be the last year of our existence. Jeremy says the interpreters of the Mayan calendar were wrong and we are safe from the world ending in 2012. I do think it is going to be fun, though, to watch and see if another Y2K scare happens. Better be stocking up on canned goods and water! It could get cra cra.

I know that I should probably post on New Year resolutions and add a great quote, but I have one more Christmas post to do. You'll be okay with that, right?? Well, honestly, you have no real say so here we go.

Christmas 2007 was mine and Jeremy's first Christmas together. My mom sweetly wanted to commemorate the occasion by putting this in our stocking. I'm pretty sure I cried.

And so started a trend. Each year I get a new ornament that represents that year in our life. This year I documented all the ones received and my new ones. It is such a special treat to put these on our Christmas tree and sweet reminder that we are blessed.


We adopted our precious Little P. He loves car rides and his hair blowing in the wind. And can we please talk about my picture taking skills for a second? I mean, you can't just pose a dog like this. It really was a struck of luck that Parker decided to stand there right as I was taking THIS photo. I think he's hoping one of you will see his talent and hire him as a model. He really wants to be famous.


 I got a brand new car! I was completely taken aback when Jeremy bought it for me. It's a 2010 silver Malibu and I love it.


This year TWO exciting things happened: we bought our first home AND we welcomed Bradley into the world. 


 Let's face it. 2010 is a hard year to follow. But two exciting things did happen. We celebrated Bradley turning 1 with a firetruck party! And I got a KitchenAid. So this year I got two ornaments! I can't wait to hang them on my tree next year.

Thank you for letting me talk Christmas one more time! 

2011 really has been a great year. I don't think Jeremy and I have ever enjoyed ourselves more. We have so much fun watching B grow and figure new things out, learning to parent B, and just enjoying him. Our marriage has grown so much too. Jeremy and I have had a lot of fun this year. I don't think we have ever laughed more.

Man... 2012 has some big shoes to fill. I hope it's ready, because here we are!

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