January 3, 2012

A Picture Window

Warning: This post contains a lot of pictures. Proceed knowing that you will be saying "aw" and "how cute is that" a lot. Enjoy!

Bradley loves the outdoors. For his birthday, we got him a Radio Flyer wagon complete with cup holders and seat belts. Yesterday alone he walked up to it and tried to get in it four separate times. He rings the bell like Parker when he wants to go out. And when he is outside, he smiles and smiles and smiles. It's so much fun.

Well, at our house all our windows are too high for him to see out. He tries to stand on his tip toes but that doesn't work yet. Over thanksgiving while we were at my parents house, B discovered their huge picture window in their living room. And this is what followed.

 Parker couldn't resist joining in on the fun! He likes the outdoors too. I also love how you can totally see what their relationship is like from this picture. B LOVES Parker. He'll walk up to him and start talking him and give him kisses. Parker LOVES us.... and the outdoors. He's still trying to figure B out.


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