January 23, 2012

Jenna Maroney and I

Netflix is awesome. Really. We love it. Actually, we love it a little too much according to our internet provider who cut off our internet over the weekend because we used more than any individual is allotted any given month. Yup. So they called us out and cut off our internet. They did turn it back on with a stern warning that if this problem were to persist, they have the right to drop us as a client. I thought about telling them I had rights too. But I was in a good mood and just laughed.

Jeremy said I need to go to Netflix Anonymous meetings. I told him I could quit watching it at any moment; I just choose to continue to use Netflix rather than real TV. He said I have a classic case of denial. I said the only thing I'm denying is commercials and trashy daytime television. What's wrong with that??

Anyways. As you can now assume, I do happen to go through shows pretty quickly on Netflix. And I may have tried to pause real TV thinking it was Netflix. But again. I am not addicted per se. I choose to watch shows via Netflix. (Are you buying it??)

Well, right now, my show of choice is 30 Rock. Have you seen this show?? It is absolutely hilarious. I now want to read Bossypants so bad because Tina Fey is amazingly funny. I'm a huge fan.

But my real connection is to Jenna Maroney played by Jane Krakowski. 


Jenna used to be the star of the The Girlie Show only to be kicked to second place when Tracy Jordan was brought on board and the show's name changed to TGS.  So she's got issues. 

I connect to her because of her love of singing to any audience who will listen. Plus, she loves the attention she gets from it. It is also why she's so famous. Clearly.

I think I've mentioned my dream to sing like Kristin Chenoweth before. Well, I'll be honest. I can't really sing like her. And according to Jeremy I'm too old to get trained in how to. So I'm stuck with the voice I have current;y. Luckily, I can slightly carry a tune and I can sing in many different genres. 

I also now have an audience. Bradley. He loves my singing. I can sing about brushing his teeth and he just smiles and claps along. I can sing about the yucky trash and he'll dance. I can even sing the ABC's in opera and he'll listen. It really is wonderful. 

Jeremy said that I should insert a video here. I disagree because while it is my dream to sing to any audience that will listen and while I do pursue that dream while in our house, I am not bold enough yet to let everyone see that side of me. I just don't know if the world is ready for such a video to go viral and for me to get this awesome record deal and then actually become famous. 

So for now I will enjoy being a star in my home. 

I am one lucky girl. 

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