August 8, 2012

Making a guess: Boy or Girl??

In one week, we find out if we are having a little boy or a little girl! I am so excited. I'm hoping that knowing the gender will somehow ignite a need within me to nest... or at least vacuum. Although, I think Jeremy would settle with me just simply picking up B's toys. We kinda all tripped over his Legos last night. Thankfully, we were also too tired to complain or point blame. I have a feeling I would have lost that one.


Jeremy and I decided that we are going to take Bradley with us to this appointment and in preparation I've been showing him his ultrasound pictures. He points and says, "Baby!" He loves babies. He also may think that there is a baby in his own belly. We are going with it at this point.

And while I am super excited to know for sure what we will be having, I am also 95% sure that it is a girl. You know, the "mother's intuition" and all. Ha!

Here's why:
  1. She hates me more than Bradley ever did. See here
  2. She doesn't seem to like to eat. I'm guessing she already has image issues and is trying to watch her weight. No need coming into this world 10 lbs, right?
  3. The Chinese calendar shouts PINK!
  4. I've been eating lemons like they are about to go extinct.
  5. I'm loving all things sour.
  6. Her heartbeat is slower than B's ever was.
  7. I'm carrying higher than B.  

Now, don't get me wrong. I'll be equally as pleased if it's a boy. I have tubs of clothes and other boy things that will make our pocketbook quite happy. Plus, I've been doing this wild boy thing for a little while and it's a ton of fun.

However, I think it will be a little easier to further convince Jeremy that we aren't doing this again if he gets that little girl. If she's a redhead, I'll definitely get my way!

So here's to finding out what we are having! Countdown: 7 days!

What do you think? Girl or Boy??


Ashley Family said...

definitely a girl!!! cant wait to buy you something leopard print and pink!!!

Jennifer said...

Girl. And that's awesome you want a redhead-I have been saying the same thing! I hope she has a head full of red curls ��